David Daniels

You can't teach an old dogs new tricks.

No problem here, this guy is practiacally a puppy. “This is how I’ve always done it” is one of the things you won’t need to handle. This designer is brand-new, straight out of HyperIsland, he is a new canvas. Eager to learn and with the tools given from his school he now want to pursue the Creative role with a focus on design.


Film Production.

Stillerska (Senior High-School.) 2011 - 2014

Starting Senior High-School I knew since long that I wanted to pursue films. This education would in parallel with your normal studies teach you the ways of Film production.

Film Production basics.

Stockholm University of the Arts. 2014 - 2015

I wanted to continue to develop within films with a higher education, so I applied for one of the best schools in Sweden, I got in as the youngest student in the school.

Documentary production.

Sundbybergs folkhögskola 2015.

After my previous studies I wanted to explore the world of documentary, here I learned not only how to produce but also how to interview and how to tell other peoples stories. 

Digital Media Creative.

Hyper Island 2017 - 2018.

I wanted to learn about the industry and the buisness part so I applied for Hyper Island. An education where you create your own journey, for me it has been about Design with focus on UX. 

Creative Internship.

Brand Articulations 2018.

I've worked with concept development and concept design for an Adidas launch and did the UX part on their re-design of the website.