"Plans are nothing,

planning is everything"

- Eisenhower.


    Project Manager: Frida Hedqvist.


Brand Manager: Elin Karlqvist.


Design Lead: David Daniels.


UX/Graphic Design: Anders Berglund.


Business/Graphic Design: Joanna Roman.


Strategiest: Linus Forsberg.




Mötesplatsen Örby.


Create opportunities for communication between people in Örby.

Design Lead

Have a plan, not the plan.

I see group processes as a bike with a generator lamp in the dark. When you stand still it's pitch dark and you can't see anything, as soon as you start moving, even though you have to move in the dark for a while, your lamp will start shining and you will get the information you can base decisions on.


Communication became an important part of this project since we had our roles. My role was to stay true to the vision we had agreed on with the client, but also making sure we as a design team could improve our visions and processes. 



Make people understand eachother.

The government were building temporary living spaces for refugees in Örby, we saw a growing gap between the residents in the neighborhood. They who were for and they who were against the building. This two sides had started to heat up against each other and stopped listening to each other. For the development of the neighborhood to be good they had to work together which became our focus point. Bringin Örby together.


The government has decided to open homes for refugee families in a small, homogenous neighborhood in Stockholm called Örby. The community was scattered about what they thought about the decision and there was some hostility towards the project. Therefore it was up to us to find a way to enable the community to communicate and to organize rather than scatter. Hence Neighbour.


There is no communication between the people living in the neighborhood. 


Neighbour is an application intended to filter information from social media to the community it is in. It shouldn't need to be a hassle to know what happens in your local neighborhood.

In the city center, there is a notice board that helps to inform the community about hot topics and coming events.

This project was designed to support Mötesplatsen Örby (or any other community driver) to ignite the community spirit.

Understanding the problem.

The initial thought was that the problem was based on the management of a Facebook group they had for the Neighbourhood. We wanted to get a better understanding of the problem, so we traveled to Örby to talk to the people living in the neighborhood.

The app.

The feed.

The Profile.

During our conversations with the locals, we understood that the conversation between them they have on the facebook group is very important.

The app was made to distinguish it from the purpose you have when going into Facebook. An app with one purpose, find out what's happening in your neighborhood.

The feed was created because the groups are very bad at filtering relevant content. So we wanted to help show relevance through tags and position-data Facebook already have through their API.

The Profile to make you a part of the community and get to know each other.


Digital Notice Board.

The “Digital notice board” is an extension of the mobile app. This came from the inclusion part. Talking to people in the neighborhood, everyone weren't active user of phones. So to connect the physical and the digital space, we wanted to have an interactive notice board that could sense if you were near so it could communicate with you as an individual.