"Experience Design is about

how you experience the world."

- Don Norman


UX/Product design.




Create something with long-lasting impact.


The world is in peril. Together we have the means to make a difference. Your brief is to show yourselves, your team, the world how innovation and creativity can create long-lasting impact. Hybrid Relations is about looking from different perspectives and exploring that which is beyond ourselves.


Hybrid: of mixed character; composed of different elements.

Relations: the way in which two or more people or things are connected; a thing's effect on or relevance to another.


A pair of goggles designed to create a connection between people.


My learnings.

We were 35 people who together would have to design this experience. It was a good time to understand how it is to work on bigger projects, it wouldn't be possible without understanding the bigger picture. As long everyone works against the same goal the outcome builds itself.

My learnings.

Fail fast. Build something quick so you can test it and get feedback. The MVP has to simulate what you want the end product to do to give the testers good circumstances to give you valuable feedback.