"Experience Design is about

how you experience the world."

- Don Norman


UX/Graphic design.




Design their new disruption-lab. (Wavespace)


We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will

fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. How can we make sure EY stays relevant in this rapid changes?


We have to be constantly learning, things change to quick for things not to be continuously tested. 


A distributed center to design, prototype concepts, educate,

and inspire clients and EY professionals in new technology.

It's about the whole experience.

When we got this task we knew it was all about creating a full cycle experience. People should be excited from when they got to know about this disruption lab to when they left it. With this in mind, we worked after the 5E model. We wanted to make sure that every part of the model would be an experience, therefore we divided up to 5 groups which would focus on each step. I was in the engage group, which head focus was to create excitment fo this lab.


First thing was to make sure people knew that the distruption-lab existed.

As an ignition, we wanted to make a guerilla marketing stunt where we tried to make people think about the everyday objects they pass. 


While also sending out targeted advertisement to potential future customers.


When established an awareness we wanted the right people to be working on projects in this lab to be able to showcase real cases.

Here we wanted to target students to help evolve the lab.


With those two in place, we could move on to display the work that had been done on the lab and make more people to join.


My learnings.

We were 35 people who together would have to design this experience. It was a good time to understand how it is to work on bigger projects, it wouldn't be possible without understanding the bigger picture. As long everyone works against the same goal the outcome builds itself.