David Daniels

You can't teach an old dogs new tricks.

No problem here, this guy is practiacally a puppy. “This is how I’ve always done it” is one of the things you won’t need to handle. This designer is brand-new, straight out of HyperIsland, he is a new canvas. Eager to learn and and with the tools given from his school he now want to join you guys at IBM.


Film Production.

Stillerska (Senior High-School.) 2011 - 2014

Starting Senior High-School I knew since long that I wanted to pursue films. This education would in parallel with your normal studies teach you the ways of Film production.

Film Production basics.

Stockholm University of the Arts. 2014 - 2015

I wanted to continue to develop within films with a higher education, so I applied for one of the best schools in Sweden, I got in as the youngest student in the school.

Documentary production.

Sundbybergs folkhögskola 2015.

After my previous studies I wanted to explore the world of documentary, here I learned not only how to produce but also how to interview and how to tell other peoples stories. 

Digital Media Creative.

Hyper Island 2017 - 2018.

I wanted to learn about the industry and the buisness part so I applied for Hyper Island. An education where you create your own journey, for me it has been about Design with focus on UX. 

Internship at IBM.

2018 - x

An amazing experience where I have been able to develop and use my skills aquired from previous experiences.