I've always been fascinated by the "for kids" editions of learning-books (coding for kids, filmmaking for kids, mathematics for kids). Being the kind of person who easily finds new things fun I've bought my fair share of these books. I've understood that it's the easiest and quickest way of learning something new. This genre has been adapted so that not-understanding should be next to impossible. How come beginner books "for adults" aren't adapted this way? Well my guess it's because the simplest things are the hardest to make*.


I have a profound belief that most things don't have to be

complicated, in the contrary, with a context and good

communication, most things are relatively easy. Problem is that it 

takes time and effort to do that, therefore many people don't.

So keen to not become "many people", I'm now out on a quest to develop my design skills to be able to go beyond complicated and create simple beautiful usable stuff.


* I didn't come up with that, Dennis did, in this article, you should read it. It's a good read. https://www.invisionapp.com/blog/design-simplicity/





Go beyond complicated to get to simple.


keep it simple, stupid.

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